The Wheel Clamp is an effective and quick solution for solving illegal parking situations. Wheel clamps are trusted for fast, secure immobilisation of most vehicles. When fitted and locked over a tyre, the clamping device prevents the car from being driven away. The one-piece design allows for quick and effective clamping and fits most cars, 4 x 4s and LDVs bakkies. A bright yellow, thick steel, round cover plate fully covers the wheel. Our wheel clamp is easy of fit and its adjustability makes the Wheel Clamp first choice. NB! This is not an anti-theft device.

The Tri-Angle Wheel Clamp is imported from the United Kingdom and is manufactured to their high standards of quality. It is the preferred clamp of the UK police and traffic control personnel. It is designed to be durable and last indefinitely.



SA Parking Solutions has 2 size wheel clamps available – A light weight dish type wheel clamp and a Heavy duty tri-angle wheel clamp.  Both products are extremely effective but we recommend using the Heavy Duty Tri-Angle Wheel Clamp if being used for anti-theft purposes.



Clamp illegal parkers


– Light and easy to use
– Highly visible
– Makes use of a separate pad or disc lock
– Fits most makes of vehicles and 4x4s.
– Optional: Warning stickers


Please be aware that other wheel clamps may be more cost effective but do not always have the necessary pins to secure the wheel clamp effectively to the vehicle wheel. These can be quite easily removed or damage the vehicle if the driver is unaware the clamp is attached.

Clamping vehicles in South Africa can be a legally grey area. Although the parked car is in the wrong, the last thing you want to deal with is having damaged the vehicle. Please ensure that you have the correct warning signage (you can contact us directly for your signage requirements as there is normally some customized information required for the sign i.e. release fees and contact details). We provide you a stainless steel discus lock.


You can request a quote on selected Parking Solution products online. These products include Wheel Clamps, Convex Mirrors, Hemisphere Mirrors, Parking Stops and Parking Locks. 

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