Metal Speed Bumps

Product Purpose

Metal Speed Bumps are highly visible (and aestetically pleasing) on bitumen, brick paving and concrete surfaces. This ensures that motorists see the bumps before they approach and have ample time to slow down. With a design life of over 10 years, metal Speed Bumps are manufactured to carry all types and weight of traffic, but ideal for heavy traffic and heavy vehicles. Speed Bumps are made from high impact galvanized steel and filled with high density concrete for extra strenght and  require no maintenance. The bumps are cleaned and polished every time a vehicle passes over them.

Product Application

Any road surface where higher speed than the indicated speed limit occurs, or at dangerous intersections, which could include:
– Junctions or crossings
– Loading areas
– Factories and industrial sites
– Office parks
– Airports
– Shopping centres
– Dangerous bends
– Vehicle parking areas
– Residential areas, including complexes and estates

Product Features

– Unique patented design that effectively slows down vehicles
– High visibility silver contrast against any surface
– Durable – can withstand high traffic volumes over many years. We have installations that date back to 1990 and are still going strong!
– No maintenance galvanised high-impact steel construction
– No corrosion galvanised for long life
– Aesthetically pleasing
– Durable – we are so confident in our product we can offer a 10 year product guarantee
– Quick and easy to install
– This product is designed specifically for durability – Beware of cheap imitations
– No bolts required

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