Asphalt / Tar Bumps

Product Purpose

Asphalt / Tar Bumps are the most common speed bumps because of their all-round capability. They are ideal for all types of roads and traffic. Tar Speed bumps are used extensively on both public and private roads. Tar speed bumps are extremely long lasting but generally require maintenance.

Product Application & Features

Hot mix asphalt is used to construct and shape your tar speed bump into approximately 75mm high x 1m wide. We can also construct any tar speed bump to your exact specifications. Tar speed bumps are tied into the ground a minimum of 50mm deep and are then compacted to form an asphalt speed hump which can last indefinitly.  All tar speed bumps come with the necessary road markings in yellow paint. Little inconvenience is caused to traffic flow as only half the road needs to be closed to construct the tar bump. When the bump is completed it is ready for use immediately.

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