Eco Bump

Non Slip Minimal Traffic Interruption

Product Purpose

The Eco bump is locally manufactured and the most economical of all speed bumps.  It is a heavy duty concrete filled bump coated in exposed aggregate, is 60mm high.

 This aesthetically pleasing bump requires no bolts is extremely quick to install and is highly effective. Due to the finish of the product (i.e.) exposed aggregate this bump is ideal for areas that have a lot of motor bikes and bicycles because it’s an anti-slip bump.  The natural rock finish blends in well with the outdoor environment.

 All raw materials are provided for installation purposes or we can install them for you.  Minimal traffic interruption and the fact that the bump is non slip and does not create noise when driven over are just a few of its positive attributes.

Information & Sales

Mobile:  +27 83 482 0204
Central Switchboard:  087 0572 722
International:  0027 21 201 7242

Regional Branch Numbers

Central Switchboard: 087 0572 722
Cape Town: 021 201 7242
Johannesburg: 010 593 0868
Pretoria: 012 942 9366
Durban: 031 940 7088
Port Elizabeth: 041 450 5288
Bloemfontein: 051 011 0287

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