Slow down speeding vehicles

Product Purpose

Dura Bump is highly visible and reflective night and day. The high visibility of a staggered line placed a vehicle’s length from an entrance or exit prevents tailgating and therefore improves security and safety at complexes and estates. Dura Bump doesn’t damage the wheel alignment of a vehicle; neither does it cause any damage to a low profile rim when driving over the bumps at high speed.  Dura Bump’s unique traction properties in wet conditions allow motorbikes and bicycles to   drive over it with zero slip.

Dura Bump is joined with the road only with an in-house formulated all-weather epoxy with added minerals to ensure a chemical bond with the surface. No bolts are used in the installation of a Dura Bump.  Dura Bump was designed to reduce noise and its traction properties further reduce the noise. The wheel is” pulled” over the bump by the traction of our material and the movement of the wheel, thus reducing the noise of impact. 

Product Application

Ideal for a town house complex
low noise level
Factories and industrial sites
 Shopping centres
 Vehicle parking areas
Residential areas, including complexes and estates

Product Features

  • Quick installation and can be utilised immediately
  • Highly visible yellow bump
  • Low noise
  • Effectively slows down vehicles

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